More than just a
password manager.

The Sensitive Data Manager helping teams and companies securely manage more than just passwords, in the most efficient way.

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From our Beta Users

From our
Beta Users

“We have way more sensitive data to manage than just website passwords. Finally there’s a tool to store and manage those in a very well organized way.”

Stefan Schmitt

IT Manager 


“It became a nightmare to manage access rights across different teams in our organisation. Hypervaults’ simple and visual folder structure solves all that.”

Audrey Powell

Social Media Manager


“Being able to share or retrieve passwords with team members or from people outside our organization in a secure way opens up many new opportunities.”

Maxime Regnier

Business Development


Organise Visually & Efficiently

Unlimited Workspaces & Folders. Not just Vaults.

Workspaces & Folders.
Not just Vaults.

Easily organise and access your data in separate Workspaces, Folders and Subfolders. Stop running into the limitations of Vaults. 


Use one account to login to different workspaces. Create or join a different workspace for each business or company you work for. Or for your private data.

Nested folders & tags

Organise your data, teams or clients in separate folders and subfolders. Combine this with the speed & flexibility of tags.

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password manager for teams

Designed for Digital Agencies
& IT Services Providers

Plenty of Data Formats.
Not just Passwords.

Plenty of
Data Formats.
Not just Passwords.

For the lack of anything better, stop messing around with plain secure notes. Our handy templates for many data types and formats allow you to securely store and manage any type of sensitive data in the most structured way.

Everything has a home

No more need to store everything that is not a password in a meaningless secure note.

Eliminate clutter

For every type of sensitive data we have pre-formatted templates to keep everything clean and organised.

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import passwords

Smoothest Onboarding

Nifty Import Tool

Nifty Import Tool

Coming from 1Password, Dashlane or Lastpass? Or everything stored in Excel or Google Sheets? No need to start from scratch. Our handy import tool makes onboarding a breeze. 

Export to CSV. Import to Hypervault. Done.

Whether your passwords are currently stored in Chrome, LastPass, Dashlane or 1Password, you should be able to export them into a .csv file. Our import tool takes it all.

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password manager for teams

Built For Teams

Inuitive Rights & Roles Administration

Rights & Roles Administration

A plethora of tools for admins and team managers to manage rights & roles and control who gets access to which data. Securely share with your customers as if they were teammates.

Teams & team members

Intuitively manage access to passwords or folders for your team. Assign rights and roles at individual level.

External users

No more “Sorry what are my email settings again?” from your clients.  Easily invite external users to access a password or an entire folder. Guy Mordoc

Enhanced Productivity

Blazing Fast Search & Locate

Blazing Fast
Search & Locate

Along folders and subfolders, use lightning fast search as well as Tags and filters to locate any type of data super quickly.

Fast navigation

Together with the dashboard, the searchbar is the heart of the application. That’s where everything starts.

Smart search

Hypervault remembers your past and most frequent searches and lists them first.

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Enhanced Productivity

Embrace a Modern Design

Embrace a Modern Design

Give your sensitive data a new home, clean and uncluttered.  No endless clicking between vaults and panels to find things or get things done.

A modern & user friendly UX / UI

This applies to navigation elements, data entry, teams and user administration… We reduced the clutter with a minimalist approach and think you will appreciate the simplicity of our design.